I'm James, or Maynard.... or whichever name I decide to go by.

Idk what else. Just tap some stuff if ya want.

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Masc. non-binary & gay


17 (Sep. 19)

Virgo ☼ / Cancer ☾

Autism / psychosis / social anxiety

Certified braindead loser

Special interests:
Certain 1960s sitcomsWhere's WaldoDEVO

Other interests:
Oingo BoingoPlastic BertrandHubble Bubble (band)Chipmunks on 16 SpeedWarioWareMario & SonicAnything else Nintendo or Sega-related idrcScooby-DooSid and Marty KrofftThe Weird Al ShowClone High

General Interests:
Old/Vintage mediaEarly '90s [email protected]Aardvarks, bears, skunksEarly 2000s websites that have that One specific look to them??? I have no idea how to describe it. You know like the ones with either Times New Roman or Comic Sans and those crusty gifs & low quality jpegs? Idk.Lost media (/hunting)Collecting & completing things

I like more stuff than this, but this is just what came to my mind first lol. Try not to think of this as "set in stone".

Commissions: Ask
Art Trades: Ask (hesitant)
Requests: Friends/Close mutuals only

I'm a hobbyist and I don't really intend on making my art remotely professional.

My main art program is Paint Tool Sai. Very rarely I use MS Paint.

I use my laptop's trackpad for everything. Most of the time I make the drawing traditionally, and then with the curve & line tools, I make it digitally! Most binary tool art is original, but occasionally it is a "digital remaster". I think binary stuff looks nicer but the lines are more unsteady.

Traditional art is faster for me. However, it usually comes out more messy & uneven.

Usual criteria
Cringe Culture supporters
Carmen Sandiego x Waldo shippers (personal reasons I'm sorry :0[ )
Anti-kin or anti-selfship

I won't list all of my triggers here, but my biggest ones are Am-rican D-d, H-talia, horseflies, and the names Tucker & Wyatt